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People Management and Development

Organisations that adopt high performance work practices tend to deliver high quality goods and services with empowered and engaged staff. They also tend to outperform their competitors.

"If all UK businesses adopted an improved approach to people management, the UK economy could benefit from an efficiency gain of up to £77bn" (Investors in People)

Effective people management and development will produce positive results to your performance. Over the last 25 years, we have supported over 16,000 organisations to understand, design, implement and embed excellent management practices with outstanding results. You can view our testimonials here.

Our services focus on:

"The Mechanical-side": the systems and procedures you need to help you adopt new practices 

"The Psychological-side": the way you capture hearts and minds to support positive shifts in values and behaviours.


If you’re looking for ISO Consultancy, you’ve come to the right place.

Our consultants have extensive experience in helping diverse companies get the most from their management systems.

Our approach to consultancy is no different to that for the implementation of the ISO and BS EN Management Standards. Tailored to your needs, we provide as much support as you require, simplifying the entire process and ensuring it is straightforward and stress free.

We can help you if:

  • You want to improve your current systems
  • You need UKAS Accredited Certification
  • You no longer have the skills in-house to effectively run a system
  • You need help with a gap analysis or auditing your system
  • You would like to explore the idea of Certification before committing to full Certification
  • You need to transition to an updated standard

If you think we could help, call us today to discuss your needs


With more than 25 years experience in delivering both advise and assessment services using the Investors in People framework, we are the ONLY approved Investors in People delivery partner in the North of England and therefore best people to work with in designing, implementing and embedding IIP principles.

We can help you if:

  • You want to understand how your organisation currently maps against the IIP framework
  • You do not have the internal resource to design, implement and embed good people management practices
  • You would like some support in designing robust, sustainable people management systems and practices
  • You need help developing the internal capability of the internal change agents or assessment team
  • You need help with a diagnostic or staff engagement survey 
  • You would like to explore the idea of Accreditation before committing to the full assessment process
  • You need help with transitioning to the updated standard

If you think we could help, call us today to discuss your needs

It’s worth doing everything you can to achieve a happy and engaged workforce because it has a direct impact on your bottom line.

Extensive research by Engage for Success in 2009 identified numerous "companies and organisations where performance and profitability had been transformed by employee engagement", including:

• Profits doubled in organisations with high employee engagement.
• Productivity increased by 18% in businesses with highly engaged employees.
• Sickness levels halved in engaged employees.
• Employee turnover is four times greater amongst disengaged employees.

In the 2009 report, MacLeod and Clarke identified 4 main enablers:

1. LEADERSHIP that is visible and empowering, communicating clearly about the organisation’s plans and motivations.
2. MANAGERS who are highly-skilled in directing, coaching and stretching their people, and who treat every person as an individual
3. EMPLOYEE VOICE that is heard throughout the organisation, promoting multi-directional communication with the workforce at the centre of the conversation.
4. INTEGRITY within the organisation that means there’s no gap between what the organisation professes and its actions.

How can we help?

  • by creating effective leadership and management teams
  • by supporting the formation of corporate values and behaviours that truly reflect the personality and image of the organisation
  • by helping you support an increase in employee energy, pride and enthusiam at work and an organisation which respects and embraces intellectual, affective and social engagement
    • Intellectual engagement — thinking hard about the job and how to do it better.
    • Affective engagement — feeling positive about doing a good job.
    • Social engagement — actively taking opportunities to discuss work-related improvements with others at work
      (CIPD 2017)

Building great teams is an essential ingredient for any successful organisation and as such, effective team building activities need to be delivered by experienced management organisations like us.

With over 20 years experience facilitating team activities, you and your organisation are in good hands. We will work with you and your team to create the package that you need from helping you kick-start your conference or workshop with a bang; to creating events that will inspire creative and collaborative teams reach their potential. 

We can support your organisation at a location of your choice. 

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