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depths of people's dynamic personality.

Lumina Spark

Offering an alternative to out-of-date, stereotyping personality tests that limit personal growth - creating humanistic and inclusive psychometrics that reveal the full depths of people's dynamic personality.

Lumina Spark provides an accurate, personalised reading of an individual's strengths and developmental areas. Whether you’re the CEO or a new recruit, it provides rich personal insights and practical benefits for everyone.

This highly sought-after product was created by Dr Stewart Desson and is based on his revolutionary PhD research in business psychology and psychometrics, awarded by the University of Westminster. The Lumina Spark methodology avoids the bias inherent in many other popular psychometrics.

It reveals your whole personality, providing a unique portrait of who you really are. Increase self-awareness, reveal hidden potential and cope better under pressure. Discover practical actions for improved communication, teamwork and leadership. Find your Inner Spark. Increase your potential.

Avoiding typing, labels or boxes, these next-generation tools help you hire the right people, accelerate their personal growth and transform your organisation.


Lumina Sparks inspires people to develop skills most needed in the workplace - adaptability, agility, a growth mind-set, partnering, authenticity and the ability to lead self and others. In one tool it provides three lenses that assess your underlying persona, your everyday persona, and your overextended persona, to give you consistent insights into your whole personality and remove the need for additional tests.

Underlying Persona - Your instinctive way of being, your preferences, and your natural inclinations
Everyday Persona - How you behave day-to-day, tuning up and down your qualities contextually
Overextended Persona - When you do too much of a good thing, and overplay your natural strengths
All of your personality all of the time - No labels, No boxes, No stereotypes!

Key Features

  • Self Knowledge
  • 3 personas in one product
  • Interactive Lumina Splash App
  • It's memorable and it works!

Lumina Spark provides a personalised portrait of your whole personality. It speaks directly to people, providing a report uniquely about them as individuals - not about people who are similar to them. The model is simple to understand yet contains great depth by directly measuring 72 personality qualities. This is why Lumina Spark is the choice of so many organisations for selection, training and development.

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Work better together and create better results
  • Improved working relationships and productivity
  • Cope better with stress

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