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Leadership and Management

Supporting leaders with developing their vision and strategic ambition, developing values and behaviours, assessing and understanding current skills and capabilities and creating development programmes to fill the gap.

According to CIPD, only 1/3 of UK leaders and a 1/5 of UK HR professionals rate the quality of leadership as ‘high’ in their organisations and only 38% rate their organisation’s leadership development programmes as highly effective.

Why? We believe this is down to the following factors:

  • Everyone underestimates the challenge associated with leaders and managers learning, developing and changing;
  • Most leadership programmes lack context as they not anchored to what is happening in the environment and the business strategy;
  • The curriculum is often imposed from outside the organisation;
  • Leaders don’t get the opportunities to practice skills and receive honest feedback on their performance;
  • There is a failure to set clear objectives for the development linked to behaviours. Consequently, there is no way of measuring the impact.

That said there are countless pieces of research that identify effective leadership as being a vital ingredient for organisational success.

Our tailored programmes recognise the challenges above and help organisations maximise the return on investment and achieve significant gains in organisational performance and sustainability.

With over 25 years experience in developing effective leaders, let us show you how we can make an impact:

It can be lonely at the top and even the very best leaders and managers need support at times, whether to address a specific issue or to explore the future strategy and direction of your business.

Having the space and opportunity to focus can be invaluable. It can also help to promote enhanced wellbeing and resilience in the workplace. With coaching and mentoring, your senior executives have the chance to work with us one on one – exploring interest and strategy areas objectively and teasing out how they can support and fulfil them more effectively.

How we can help?

As a form of leadership development, coaching and mentoring support is particularly useful when introducing an executive into a new role, going through organisational change or looking at how to improve workplace culture.

Our executive coaching and mentoring service can help you with:

  • Self-Awareness: Helping senior leaders to recognise and understand their leadership style and how they can develop, adapt and flex to lead more effectively.
  • Leading Change: Supporting the confidence and effectiveness of executives leading change management.
  • Coaching for Performance: Focusing on key competencies, senior executives will be more aware of their impact.
  • Coaching for Development: Exploring and enhancing existing competencies and characteristics - ideal for succession planning.
  • Board Level Coaching: An independent and confidential sounding board, coaching offers support to all levels of leaders.
  • Talent Management: Supporting succession planning by identifying and developing future leaders.

We are passionate about supporting leadership teams in understanding their organisations purpose - why do we exist? As it is that definition which will help us realise our true meaning and align our paths to our ultimate goal. 

If your organisation wants to clearly communicate what it stands for both internally and to the wider world, having developed values and behaviours will go a long way. 

More than statements on your reception wall or a page in your company policies, having relevant, meaningful and embedded values and behaviours will impact and guide a number of areas – from how decisions are made and who you recruit through to the way in which your people are supported and managed. 

Ultimately impacting on your performance, it will also influence how your customers and stakeholders perceive and experience your organisation. 

But don’t just take our word for it - research has also shown that organisations with clear values outperform their peers and survive for longer. 

How we can help?

  • We work with organisations to create a culture that is designed to live and breath the values. Our work includes:
    • Work with senior leaders to understand their own personal values and how they can influence and shape the corporate picture;
    • development of "Values Champions"; a group of advocates that endorse, engage and stimulate the values culture from within;
    • Facilitate employee consultation meetings (or support Value Champions) to gather feedback and engagement from across the organisation.

It may be obvious to many, but before any development journey commences, it is paramount to assess current capability in order to design a programme which is reflective of need.

How can we help?

Definition of excellence through competency frameworks

Leadership competencies offer a clear indication of the areas and levels of performance that the organisation expects of their leaders. They provide the individual with a map of the behaviours as well as the skills that will be valued, recognised and in some organisations rewarded.

Over the years, we have supported thousands of organisations in designing, maintaining and using competency frameworks.

Psychometric testing and leadership profiling 

We support organisations to develop a clear and honest picture of their Executive team’s traits, behaviours and personalities in order to understand their unique development needs. We use a variety of tools.

Measurement of leadership effectiveness

We actively support organisations to measure and benchmark the effectiveness of their executive teams. We use a variety of activities and models.

Assessment centres: When organisations are looking to measure leadership and management effectiveness on a large scale, the most cost-effective method is often through facilitated assessment centres. We have many years experience in designing and managing such events – with as little or as much involvement from you as you like. For more information about this service.

Our carefully designed management and leadership courses are for ambitious business professionals looking to improve their performance including both technical skills as well as leadership behaviours.

We can offer ILM certified programmes as well as non-certified tailored courses for all levels of management to senior leaders.

An important part of our leadership programmes is the support we offer to organisations to realise the strength of the collective; creating a single force and developing an Executive team that is built upon a foundation of shared values, respect, trust and fundamentally geared to achieving the strategic ambitions together.

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