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Workplace Wellbeing: a quick guide

Workplace Wellbeing: a quick guide


What is Workplace Wellbeing?

Workplace Wellbeing is defined as a “state of complete physical, psychological and social well-being. Not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” by the World Health Organisation. In layman’s terms, offering your employees workplace wellbeing is important for building mental resilience, motivation, productivity, and makes your organisation somewhere people will want to work.

Why is it important?

With the average employee spending a third of their life in work (Gettysberg College, 2017) and with 1:4 of us experiencing a mental health condition (Mental Health First Aid England, 2018), it’s incredibly important to support wellbeing in the workplace. Why? Well a healthy worker is more “motivated, productive and less at risk from diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some types of cancer”, according to the British Heart Foundation.

Happy and healthy employees will also impact positively on your productivity and performance as a business. Absences from work caused by stress, anxiety or depression account for £70million in lost productivity every year - the largest cause of sickness absence, according to the Department for Health.

What can I do next?

Currently, 15% of UK organisations don’t place any focus on the mental health and wellbeing of employees (YouGov), with 3 in 10 employees saying their company does not do anything to promote mental wellbeing in the workplace. A recent study by Business in the Community also found that almost 50% of employees are unwilling to talk to their manager about their mental health concerns; and of those that did, almost 60% suggested that their line manager didn’t do anything to support them. You can change this by arming yourself and your business with the knowledge, capability and confidence required to support and guide your employees effectively and make them feel more resilient. According to the British Heart Foundation effective workplace health and wellbeing programmes can increase productivity at work by 29%..

As an organisation, it’s important that you build a culture and infrastructure that respects and embraces health and mental wellbeing. You can encourage your people to suggest and deliver creative responses to challenges they may face. Having a consultative approach can help build confidence, collaboration and innovation - which all support engagement. If you consider making health and wellbeing part of who you are as an organisation, this could then inform how you approach projects, how you develop your policies and your working environment.

You can undertake a course on workplace wellbeing with us - you can learn more about it, and what it means in practice to your organisation. We offer a free taster course with our Workplace Wellbeing masterclass, and when you’re ready to start your journey, our professional development workshops will support your and your team in making those important steps in creating a happy and healthy business.


Workshop information

Taster: Workplace Wellbeing and Mental Resilience Masterclass – Free of charge
To strengthen your productivity and performance, join us at our free business breakfast to explore workplace wellbeing and mental resilience from a holistic perspective – looking at what it means at an organisational and managerial level as well as for individuals or ‘self’.

Upcoming dates:

Leeds, 17th September 2018   |   Newcastle, 3rd October 2018   |  Manchester, 7th November 2018


Mental Health First Aider certified workshop (2 day) - £300.00

Mental Health First Aid is an educational course that teaches people how to identify, understand and help a person who may have a mental health issue. In the same way as we learn physical first aid, Mental Health First Aid teaches you how to recognise those crucial warning signs of mental ill health. This workshop is delivered by approved Mental Health First Aid England Instructors.

Upcoming dates:

Leeds, 28th August 2018   |   Newcastle, 3rd September 2018    |   Manchester, 20th September 2018


Workplace Wellbeing and Mental Health Awareness workshop (1 day) - £195.00
To help bring about positive change, we will help delegates to develop a true understanding of ‘self’ to reveal what causes wellbeing issues for them and how they can positively manage their resilience in the future. Building upon this, the workshop will provide skills to support others as well as explore the opportunities to be an Advocate of wellbeing in the workplace.

Upcoming dates:

Leeds, 10th September 2018   |   Manchester, 14th September 2018   |   Manchester, 14th November 2018


Building Resilience and Mental Strength Workshop (1 day) - £195.00
Our workshop is designed to educate, empower and inspire individuals to discover and maximise their own levels of resilience. Delegates will learn practical strategies, tactics and tools; giving you the resilience you need to respond positively to the various pressures and demands of your own particular environment.

Upcoming dates:

Manchester, 13th September 2018


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