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Why…values and behaviours? Understanding your organisation’s DNA

Why…values and behaviours? Understanding your organisation’s DNA


Values and behaviours are your organisation's DNA. How your people understand and act on them can have a big impact on their engagement and in turn your performance.

Values are important and shared ideals about your organisation. They’re unique to your business and inform the behaviours expected and demonstrated by your people. In other words, they articulate who you are, why you do what you do and also how you do it.

  • They define who you want to be as an organisation
  • They communicate to your customers what you stand for, building brand loyalty
  • They guide decision making
  • They support recruitment, talent development and succession planning
  • They underpin performance management as well as reward and recognition

It’s thought that organisations with embedded values and behaviours have higher engagement levels and in turn achieve better performance. A recent study even found that organisations with higher engagement levels posted total shareholder returns 22% higher than average (AON).

And yet less than half of employees (49%) feel their executives have created an environment that drives high performance (BlessingWhite) and only 2/5 managers feel that behaviour and company values are very closely aligned in their organisation (CIPD). That’s a lot of potential opportunity lost.


But where to start?

We want to help your organisation be happier, healthier and more sustainable and believe that taking some time to reflect on your values and behaviours can play a big part. 

To help you get started, we’ve pulled together various resources and links to explore values and behaviours and how they support your people and performance. 

  • Listen to our podcast. Our Ambition Coaches explore Values and Behaviours, sharing top tips and insight 
  • Book one of our free breakfast events exploring key people management themes including values and behaviours. You can search and book taster events here
  • Take the opportunity to really explore your values and behaviours with a facilitated session or bespoke support. Find out more about our Ambition Programme 

We hope you find all of these resources interesting and a good starting point for your organisation to explore values and behaviours in more depth. If you’d like to talk to us about your experiences of values and behaviours in more detail and how to shape and get the most from them, we’d love to hear from you too

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