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Why asking ‘why’ should be on every organisation’s agenda

Why asking ‘why’ should be on every organisation’s agenda


It’s just a simple three letter word, but behind its unassuming composition hides a powerful opportunity. And that’s why we’re asking you to ask ‘why’ a bit more often.

With change around every corner, UK businesses need to compete and to compete we need to be at our best. As one of our most important and valuable assets, our people play a massive part in supporting high performance - but to achieve it, they need to be engaged and motivated.

Unfortunately, engagement isn’t something we’re all that good at. The Towers Watson annual survey puts UK workers at around 40% engaged and in 2015 the UK Commission for Employment & Skills calculated that poor people management costs the UK £86 billion per year. Ouch.

And yet this presents us with a massive opportunity to improve and keep improving despite our ever developing and fast-paced environment. By taking a step back and asking ‘why’, you can start unpicking what you do and where further opportunity lies – with a clear link between your people and your ambition.

Over the coming months, we want to help you explore some of the key people management themes that support engagement and business success. Through our new ‘Why…’ series, we’ll look at what they are, why they need attention and how they can have real impact for your people and in turn, performance.

With various resources, events, podcasts and links to wider reading, we want to help you set your course to high performance and be a happier, healthier and more sustainable organisation as a result.

For a head start on some of the upcoming topics, you can download our introductory SlideShare here and listen to our first ‘Why…’ series podcast below. You can also follow us on Twitter and Linkedin for all of the latest updates and new resource alerts.

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Now let’s see how much punch there is in that three letter word.