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Welcome to the Sixth Generation! Investors in People Conference Launches New Standard

Welcome to the Sixth Generation! Investors in People Conference Launches New Standard


Did you know that only 14% of all employees worldwide are highly engaged in their jobs? 

And when organisations increase the number of talented managers and double their rate of engaged employees, they achieve on average 147% higher earnings per share than their competition?*

This is certainly a compelling thought for businesses looking to compete in our fast-paced and ever-changing world today and something that a very special conference in our region looked to explore recently too.

Let us tell you more about it and some of the key messages for you to take away, ponder and explore to help push your business forward.

Welcome to the sixth generation of the Investors in People Standard.


What? Where? Who?

The Investors in People Sixth Generation Conference took place at Bridgewater Hall in Manchester on Tuesday 15th September 2015. It was attended by over 700 delegates from organisations across the country looking to improve their performance in a rapidly changing and developing environment. They came to find out more and understand how the sixth generation of Investors in People can help.



Since 1991, Investors in People has defined what it takes to lead, support and manage people well for sustainable results. It is the sign of a great employer, an outperforming place to work and a clear commitment to success.

But with the pace of change in today’s world it is important to ask whether tried and tested approaches to people management and organisational structure are still relevant. For many, change is the new normal and organisations need to stay flexible, resilient and adaptable in order to thrive.

In fact according to a recent IIP report, the UK economy is missing out on efficiency gains worth £84bn due to poor people management performance** – what an opportunity for us to seize.

And so it is with this backdrop and an appreciation of the times we are in (and will be in), that the sixth generation of the Investors in People Standard has been devised.


Launch and Learn

The conference in Manchester was the official launch of the sixth generation Standard and an exciting opportunity for delegates to understand how the new version can support and positively challenge their efforts.

Simply put, the sixth generation of IIP is nine indicators of high performance that puts people management at the heart of any organisation. It reflects the very latest workplace trends, essential skills and effective structures required to outperform in any industry – all under three clear headings for high performance.

Leading. Supporting. Improving.


What’s new about it?

Alongside an update to reflect changes in the world of work, the sixth generation of the Investors in People Standard also introduces a four stage performance model which sets the structure for measurement and progress over time.

Exploring any developed, established, advanced and high performing practices within your organisation, the stages are not linked to business size or complexity. Rather, they describe the principles and outcomes that must be in place to achieve sustainability through people and so provides you with a roadmap to higher performance.

The sixth generation also brings with it the introduction of key indicator benchmarking and online assessment insights – powerful tools to support your continued performance development, decision-making and journey to outperformance.

Food for thought

The conference also played host to some excellent and inspiring speakers who really encapsulated why a commitment to people is a commitment to performance. Here are just some of the key messages shared:


So what next?

At Investors in People North of England, we can help you to explore generation six of the Standard, how it works and what it can mean for your organisation.


New to IIP: Contact us to arrange a free initial meeting so we can tell you more about Investors in People, what is involved and how you can move forward to assessment and accreditation.

You can also explore our free online diagnostic and People Management Benchmark tools as well as attend our Introduction to Investors in People workshops. These take place regularly across the region.


IIP Accredited: Come along to one of our sixth generation introductory workshops and find out more about the opportunities IIP can bring to your organisation moving forward. It will also be a chance to understand the transition journey to the new version and how assessment will work in the future.

You can also explore the People Management Dashboard to see how organisations in the UK and your sector fare in relation to key people management themes. After your sixth generation assessment, you will be able to compare your results directly to this real-time tool too.

Or simply get in touch to discuss any initial questions you may have and catch up on next steps such as exploring generation six with your IIP practitioner.



* Gallup Study 2012

** Investors in People ‘Management Benchmark’ report 2015