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Happy, healthy and sustainable? Talking workplace wellbeing and resilience at the Public Sector Show Manchester.

Happy, healthy and sustainable? Talking workplace wellbeing and resilience at the Public Sector Show Manchester.


IDG joined public sector delegates from across the North and beyond this week and asked them what workplace wellbeing and resilience looks like for them.

The team at IDG were really pleased to take part in the Public Sector Show in Manchester this week, as delegates from across the country came together to hear key policy updates and learn from best practice case studies and seminars.

As many will know, the public sector is going through a significant transformation at the moment as budgets, responsibilities and infrastructures change and flex - a shift that is challenging delivery strategy as well as established cultures and traditional capabilities.

Managing this change and ensuring future performance and productivity is a real challenge for many in the sector and it was with this backdrop that we wanted to explore how public sector organisations can meet the challenge – and in particular how they are developing a healthy and resilient workforce to support it.

So how do people working within the public sector feel about workplace wellbeing?

To find out, we asked delegates at the Show to consider workplace wellbeing from three key perspectives and how they feel their organisation fares for each. These included:

  • The organisational approach such as culture and strategy
  • How leaders and managers support workplace wellbeing through supportive management and understanding of issues
  • The tools, support and techniques available to individuals to encourage wellbeing

We then asked delegates to add three dots to our wellbeing poster, placing them in the rings that best represented their thoughts – the better the approach, the closer the dot to the centre. And here’s what the delegates had to say…

Our on stand activity at #PSSMCR

Looking at the results, it is fair to say that the results were incredibly varied and highlight a wide spectrum of experiences - from employers that have adopted workforce wellbeing as part of their culture and beliefs, to those that are commencing their journey and exploring what that means at an organisational and leadership level.

Either way, the conversations that the IDG team had with delegates were fascinating and insightful. We welcomed almost 300 visitors to the stand on the day – each sharing their thoughts, concerns and ambitions for their organisations in truly sustaining a healthy and happy workforce.

So what’s the answer to achieving workplace wellbeing?

In a nutshell, workplace wellbeing is about finding a balance – developing strategies that consider and support the physical, psychological and social wellbeing of your people through organisational, leadership and also individual perspectives. Concentrate too much on one or neglect another and you’ll find the positive impact harder to achieve.

It is also about being inquisitive, learning and continually developing your approaches. Wellbeing is fundamentally about people and people’s needs and wants can change significantly over time or by situation. In effect, wellbeing never stays still and so you can’t let your work to support it stand still either.

But by placing wellbeing at the heart of strategies, creating a culture of self-help and measuring its impact, you will be able to adapt your approaches and ensure that your strategies are meeting the needs of your people and organisation as a whole. And with that, we believe you can better manage change and support productivity and performance sustainably.

Many thanks to all the delegates who came along to our seminar and participated in our feedback activity at the Public Sector Show Manchester. If you’d like to talk to us about workplace wellbeing in more detail and how to shape your strategies to effectively develop a wellbeing culture, we’d love to hear from you.

You can also review the slides we shared during our seminar at #PSSMCR 2017 by downloading your copy here.

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