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Feeling confident and ready to move. 59% of UK workers are ready for a change in 2017.

Feeling confident and ready to move. 59% of UK workers are ready for a change in 2017.


The annual employee sentiment poll from Investors in People has found 1 in 4 employees are actively seeking a new job in 2017.


Up 10% on last year’s results, the findings are highlighted in a new report “Job Exodus Trends 2017” which also found 1 in 3 employees feel the job market has improved over the last 12 months and that nearly 1 in 3 are unhappy in their current job. 

“This year we were expecting to see British workers planning to stay put in the face of economic uncertainty” explains Paul Devoy, Head of Investors in People. 

“But we’ve seen exactly the opposite: a significant rise in people looking to move jobs in 2017 backed by a rise in confidence in the jobs market. 

“Workers are telling us they want to move for better management, better pay and flexible working. This sends a clear message to British business to invest in your people or 2017 might be the year they move on.” 

Pay is the biggest gripe for workers, with 51% stating they are looking to move jobs as they think they can get more money elsewhere – a 7% increase on last year. But over a third (36%) said they would rather have a more flexible approach to working hours than a 3% pay rise. 

Poor management is also having a negative effect, with 42% saying it was one of the main reasons they weren’t happy in their current role. Not feeling valued (34%) and no career progression (33%) are also key factors for workers being unhappy in their jobs. 

But workers in the North East and Yorkshire and Humber are some of the happiest in the UK with 14% and 13% respectively being very happy in their jobs. 

And when employees were asked what the most important qualities in a new employer are to them, competitive pay topped the list at 64% followed by work enjoyment (64%), good benefits (44%) and having a reputation as a good employer (42%). 


You can download the full Job Exodus 2017 Report here to explore more of the results and next steps in ensuring employee engagement for your business. 

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